Thorin N. Tatge (thorintatge) wrote,
Thorin N. Tatge


I just hosted the monthly filksing.  So soon after Thanksgiving, it was just four of us, but it was convivial.  I wrote a parody of "A Whole New World" about donuts... just because it had popped into my head at some point, and unlike most of the songs that do that, it had actually fit and not been embarrassing.

I also cooked a meal in a crockpot for the first time ever.  Lamb stew with potatoes, radishes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and spices.  I added radish greens later on.  It came out really good!  The others liked it too.  It smelled great and the broth and meat were just right.  I might have cooked the cabbage more and the other vegetables less, but I'm proud of it for a first effort.
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