Thorin N. Tatge (thorintatge) wrote,
Thorin N. Tatge

Christmas list

Here are some ideas for things I might like for Christmas (or my birthday on January 2nd).

First, some books I'd like to have:
* Anything by Allie Brosh--I read some of one of her cartoony books on a trip and enjoyed it.
* I seem to recall there was a sequel to Walter Wangerin, Jr's The Book of the Dun Cow. Not gonna Google it, but that would be awesome!
* Speaking of sequels, they finally put out a sequel to Rise Up Singing, the definitive song book for singing circles--my own copy of Rise Again would be nice. Normal size, not large print.
* I fondly remember the Serendipity books by Stephen Cosgrove, a line of beautiful children's books remarkable for having a moving, bittersweet feel. Some of those would be neat.

* I'm intrigued by the idea of playing Undertale, a game on Steam that my friends have been talking about! (On Steam I'm Derpy, at

* And for those rainy days that are also windy, I've sometimes thought what I could really use is a big umbrella. My normal-sized Eddie Bauer umbrella doesn't always cut it.

* I have several stocking caps, but I recently lost the nice wool knit cap I had for years that fit perfectly. It was sturdier than an ordinary winter cap, and big enough for my large head. A replacement would be lovely.
* And speaking of winter wear, I could actually use another pair of gloves.

* Then there are things I always enjoy--physical manipulation puzzles... posters of animals or landscapes or abstract colors and patterns or cool digital art... interesting books on things I might like.

As always, no pressure! I don't feel much need for presents, but they are nifty.
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