Thorin N. Tatge (thorintatge) wrote,
Thorin N. Tatge

Christmas wishlist 2016

For those inclined to give me something for Christmas or my birthday this year, here are some ideas.


* The Horse Who Lived Upstairs by Phyllis McGinley--I wrote a novel-length story whose title was a play on this book without ever having read it!

* The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway--a fan who loved the aforementioned story said my work reminded him of it. :)

* Bridge fiction--anything from the Baron Barclay fiction collection (except The New King's Tales)!


An infusion system for looseleaf tea. My current options are flawed, so I never buy loose leaf, but I know there are cool infusers out there!

Undertale stuff! It's the fandom I'm currently into. Posters, figurines (Toriel, Alphys, Sans and The Human preferred), T-shirts (cast shots are nice), throw pillow.

Quaker's Crunchy Corn Bran cereal, now known as Corn Bran Crunch. Long ago when I allowed myself to buy cold cereal, it was one of my favorites. Also Kix/Crispix. Or Trix. Anything that ends in 'ix'.

New winter gloves, either heavy or light.

i don't know if they sell them separately, but I could use new plastic translucent folder tabs for my file box's hanging folders, since the tabs have broken over time. They're red/orange/yellow/green/blue. Or if they aren't sold separately, new folders and tabs would be fine.

Blank books are nice, and I'm out at the moment.

The Jim Henson's Labyrinth board game recently came out! It was well reviewed and I love that movie.

And if you really feel like splurging, I could use a new CD player/radio--the one I had finally died. I kept the speakers. Something that would let me digitize my tapes would be cool too.

No pressure! Happy holidays, all.

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