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News from the self-publication front!

I don't really know whether to call myself a self-publisher now, because as many people define it, real self-publishing involves doing more of the work oneself--buying an ISBN, creating one's own store, and everything.  You don't need to print and bind the books on your own machines, but everything else.  Through CreateSpace, I had to design the interior and cover, and I'm doing all the marketing except for their automatic listing on Amazon.com.  So what I've done is mostly self-publishing, and some people would call it that.  It's not vanity publishing.  It's not quite subsidy publishing.  It's print-on-demand publishing, and I wish there were a better name for it, but if there is, I don't know it. :]

Anyway!  I've been advertising my book in internet forums, with a couple interesting results.  I mentioned it on the Dinotopia Official Message Board that I used to post on a few years ago, and met a woman who's been working on her own interactive book.  She calls it a downloadable game book, and compares it to something done in the Star Wars universe.  I'm helping her out with it now.  She seems to be a bit of a novice at game design, but her art and layouts are fantastic, and she's open to feedback and even collaboration.  And Dinotopia is a rather awesome setting.

Meanwhile, on one of the MS Paint Adventures fora, I've been actually "running" the book for readers, this being a more acceptable alternative to a straight ad.  I'd post a section and let everyone vote on which way to go next.  I had an average of maybe four people voting at each juncture.  Just a few hours ago, we finished the first run-through, and I asked whether anyone wanted to go back and try a new choice at any point.  The people on that forum are awesome--they just start up random text or picture-based adventures like wild and join each others' stuff at the drop of a hat.  It's hugely creative and smart, too.  I expect I'll hang around the forum and join another game or two, and maybe even run one of my own eventually.  I've wanted to design my own unscripted elimination gameshow ever since I started watching Survivor, and this may be the best avenue.

Moreover, one of the MS Paint Adventures people gave me my first Amazon.com sale!  Now I know it's possible.  And THANK YOU to crytel  for writing a customer review!  That's really sweet!  In related news, just today I got my first payment from CreateSpace--for $26.20.  It's a start, and it showed up in my bank account sooner than I expected.  And I just called my friend from Zimbabwe, now living in Canada, and she loves my book and is chatting up all her friends about it.  I'll have to send an ad to the widely read blog she helps run.  And maybe I'll do the interactive serial thing with them like on the forum!

Just fifteen copies sold so far (and four complimentary copies given out), but there are a lot of exciting possibilities here.  I just want those business cards I ordered to arrive!


I have bookage!

I now have copies of my book, What Is Best?, to be sold directly!  If you're interested in getting a copy, buying it from me in person is the better choice.  It means a couple more bucks for me, and it saves you $3.75 in shipping, on top of which I'll be glad to personalize your copy.  On Friday night I drew a couple of critters playing Quirkle for one customer. ~:-)

I'm always glad to get e-sales, too, of course: https://www.createspace.com/3386003

Or read about it at my website: http://www.thorintatge.com/WhatIsBest

I've only sold nine copies so far.  Which is disappointing, even though I've yet to do most of my marketing.  But I'm taking this primarily as a learning experience, and as such it's definitely been valuable so far.

ANNOUNCEMENT: My book is available!

At long last, the book I began work on in November is done!  It's a multifaceted philosophical fantasy adventure--and it's interactive, meaning that you get to decide which way the story goes.  You can read about it on my website here, or buy a copy here.  The price is $15.00 plus a very reasonable $3.75 for shipping.  CreateSpace will print a copy and ship it to you when you order it--despite what the order page may say, it's likely to arrive in about a week.

What Is Best? was my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel, and represents something I've wanted to write for a long time.  There's more information about it at the website link above, and I'll be updating the page, adding goodies as time goes on.  The front cover hasn't shown up on the CreateSpace store page yet; it should appear within a few days.  For now, then, I'll show you what the cover looks like:

What Is Best?I've ordered ten copies to begin with to sell in person, and I'll post again when they arrive.  If I were to get some online sales showing up before then, though, it would be awesome.  I don't think you'll regret adding this book to your collection--I worked hard on it, and chances are it's unlike anything you've got.

I'm all excited!!